General website philosophy and interests

I have created this website for past, current and future patients, friends, colleagues, students and general public who are interested in my medical practice and personal activities. I hope to have this site serve both as a destination and as a gateway to other resources in the areas of traditional and complementary medicine as well as to other interesting areas of body/mind/spirit activities.

I have attempted to have my personal healing and meditation/spiritual journey serve as a map and information resource for others in the areas of holistic medicine, homeopathy, five dimensional healing, public health, meditation and yoga therapies, internal Chinese martial art forms, and kirtan/yogic chanting.

This website will be updated often and will include a blog that will allow for both my personal expression and for exchange of current thoughts and opinions with the interested reader. There is an area where interested people will have access to the most current articles, RSS feeds and news scrolls about interesting health related topics, natural products, supplementation and food.

A calendar is available to keep readers aware of my activities in the realms of holistic medicine, martial arts, kirtan/yogic chanting, and other holistic and spiritual activities.

My publishing company is dedicated to promoting quality books, CDs, CD-ROMs, and workshops for health of body, mind and spirit. An interested person can purchase these products on this website.


Medical practice philosophy

Our medical practice offers appropriate therapies and methods to help guide the individual and family to maintain health, prevent illness, and to treat already existing diseases.

Our focus is multi-dimensional and holistic. Two very important aspects of this process are self-responsibility and active participation in improving one’s own health.

To evaluate health, we test for genomic predisposition, immune functioning, amino acid levels, colon health, emotional health, autonomic nervous system balance, medicine and homeopathic remedy needs, exercise habits, breathing patterns, ways of handling stress, chakra related issues and mental and cognitive functioning.

We offer therapeutic interventions that includes the use of nutrition, supplements, nutraceuticals, medications, homeopathic remedies, yoga postures, tai chi and bagua movements and strengthening exercises, breathing exercises, meditation techniques, and psychotherapy.