Overview of Five Dimensional Healing

We invite you to explore healing from the cell and its associated genes to emotions and the mind as a pathway to transformation.

Our unique program offers comprehensive assessment and interventions in five levels of human experience and functioning. We believe that health on these five dimensions promotes integration and well-being of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of living.

Our doctors and associates are dedicated to working with you to design a personalized holistic approach for maintaining your optimal health and wellness.


Our Methods and Goals

An exciting cornerstone of our approach is a series of tests that assess your genome, metabolic functioning and immune markers that predispose you to inflammatory conditions such as cancer, heart disease, asthma, colitis, and arthritis.

Genomics is the study of how your genes interact with each other and with the environment to synthesize certain proteins that help create the complexity of life. By using genomic information we can help you personalize medical care by basing treatments specifically on your genetic makeup.

With this information, our program offers interventions on five levels of personal experience which help modify and minimize genomic, metabolic, and immune malfunctioning. By implementing important preventive and therapeutic health care measures on these five levels, we assist your movement toward optimum health.


Unique Aspects of Our Assessments and Interventions

Genomic Testing ? provides a profile of your genomic variations that regulate health. Knowledge of these variations provides a guide regarding preventive steps you could take to decrease the likelihood of disease.

Nuclear factor-kappa beta (NF-kB) and macrophages ? we target these two important immune molecules. These factors modulate gene expression, inflammation, and immunity.

Raja (Royal) Yoga ? is the integrated path of meditation: this includes practices to improve health habits, yoga postures, breathing exercises, and concentration/meditation techniques using chakras & mantras to help focus the mind.

Homeopathy ? we offer a complete homeopathic constitutional evaluation, with special emphasis on chronic illness and miasms. Miasms are underlying tendencies to disease processes that relate to inherited predispositions.

Qi Gong ? is an ancient Chinese practice that combines physical movements, tai chi, mental focusing techniques and breathing exercises that promote health, longevity, cleansing of body systems, and mental clarity.

Coaching ? we provide the necessary support to create and achieve your goals by assisting you in understanding the options and formulating an action plan. We also help you develop tools and strategies to integrate and maintain the changes you make.


Before introducing therapies and interventions, we do following assessments of the five dimensions

Basic Physical Assessment includes


Basic Energetic Assessment includes


Basic Mental Assessment includes


Basic Emotional Level Assessment includes


Basic Spiritual Assessment includes