Our integrative medicine approach focuses on both healing and curing models. We offer interventions that encourage self-management skills useful for improving your nutritional, emotional, mental and relational/spiritual levels of personal experience (healing model). We also recognize the importance of conventional medicine - drugs, chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation - offered as the standard of care for physical illnesses (curing model).

We work in partnership with you and your primary care provider (if necessary) to understand your responsibilities during the healing process. Understanding and working with your overall health and functioning on the five dimensions/levels of consciousness can transform your life, empowering you to fulfill your greatest potential.


Who Will Benefit

How much does the program cost?

Five Dimensional Healing is organized in blocks of two months of fifty minute sessions and includes weekly meetings with us. We ask that clients commit to a minimum of one block but they also may choose ongoing blocks. The cost of each block is $1400. Testing is extra and will depend on what evaluations are indicated. While the visits to the practitioners are not covered by insurance, some of the medical or genomic tests may be covered.

We will be launching our program in the very near future. Early in 2010 is our target date and we are very excited.